MOVE! Get Out of Your Own Way (2007)

Project - "Bringing Performance to Life"

Ann Marie conducts this ongoing one-week workshop, which was given at Rancho La Puerta 2007

Co-producing Ballets

The objective is to seek a co-production with other ballet companies, or non-profit entity.  One project includes and existing ballet: The Bell Witch: An American Haunting. This ghost-love story is the most documented supernatural phenomenon in American history, with original music by Conni Ellisor, and features a novel element of 3-D scenic design.  We are gathering works to collaborate on with dance companies, or venues.


Choreography Project

Creating new work is essential to further the art of ballet, as well as other forms of contemporary dance.  Although new workshops are springing up across the nation, we need more of them.  Works are commissioned at great cost and discourages risk taking, thus stifling the creative process –a process with which our art form is based on. 


Dance-Sez: Dialogues with Dancers on Dance

Being developed  with former Pointe Magazine Editor Virginia Johnson, is an educational, yet scripted, performance-based event series.  An evening will take the audience on a journey into the life and work of a prominent artist in the field of dance, focus on a particular theme or topic, and provide a unique insight into the dancer’s process from a variety of cross-genre perspectives. 

Cynthia Gregory Coaching Project

Essential to the survival of the “art” in dance - as a performing art form, is coaching.  The “magic” and memorable performances in theater in many ways, is the result of coaching.

Many gifted artists in the dance world, who possess the wisdom, talent, and ability to guide younger dancers, need to be given the opportunity to pass on their craft - their art, and train future generations.

Developing In the Mix in NYC

IN THE MIX (working title) is a story about dancers from multi-genres who are at the top of their fields, and the trajectory of what happens as each journey to find the next thing.  Told throu