Blackberry Winter: American Repertory Ballet 2012/2013

Oct. 6, 2012 at RVCCARTS (Raritan Valley Community Center for the Arts)

(Ann Marie DeAngelo rehearsal dancers on materials for Blackberry Winter August 2012)


Choreography by:  Ann Marie DeAngelo

Music by: Conni Ellisor


Karen Leslie Moscato and Edward Urwin with Sanantha Gullace   and   Careron Auble-Branigan, Alice Cao, Shaye Firer, Monica Giragosian, Stephan Campanello, Joshua Kurtzberg, Mattia Pallozzi

 Originally created in 1999 for a choreography workshop for Ballet Pacifica, now The National Choreography Initiative.

The colloquialism “blackberry winter” describes a late spring frost that is as unexpected as it is necessary for a rich blackberry harvest.    As a metaphor for change, unexpected but fruitful promises us that with a little faith we too can expect a richer harvest.





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American Repertory Ballet in Blackberry Winter