Capezio 125th Anniversary Celebration (2012)

Capezio 125th Anniversary Celebration (2012)

Concieved and Directed by Ann Marie DeAngelo (Produced by DeAngelo Productions)




The Rockettes opened the show with a number choreographed by Julie Branam called A Tribute to Irving Berlin - a classic American show opener, and introduction for Tommy Tune.  Tommy sand and danced with his Rhythm Kings and welcomed everyone to the evening in a brand new pair of red.
From Break the Floor was a collection of convention students performing in a number choreographed by Mandy Moore to Last Dance by Donna Summers.  Former SYTYCD participants including Twitch was there in the mix.  Unexpectedly, so was Abby from Dance Moms. 

Capezio 125th Anniversary Award given to Nigel Lythgoe’s “Dizzy Feet Foundation” by CEO Michael Terlizzi, who dragged me out on stage just so he could compliment me on a job more than well-done.

Soloists Misty Copeland and Jared Mathews from American Ballet Theatre, performed Balanchine’s Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux.

The Cobbler Rap
Part One:  called SHOES introduced the thread for the evening, which was Shoes.  This was created by Ann Marie DeAngelo.  Music by Marty Beller.  Lyrics by Lloyd G. Miller (Cynthia Gregory’s son) with singer Dax Valdes.  Performers in the segment were Bounce (Ephrat Asherie), Nicole Graniero, Cartier Williams, Kiira Schmidt, Mark Stuart and Jaime Verazin, Alegria (Leandro Silva).  It started with the cheerleaders introducing the number “World Cup All Stars” who I always like on program to spunk things up!

Part Two:  was called The Ballerina and The Cobbler  with Nicole Graniero, Craig Salstein as the dance Cobbler, and Daniel Ulbricht as her dance partner.  Music was Falling Slowly from ONCE. 

This segued into GHETTOMADE created by Mr. Wiggles is a mini-story about his roots and hip hop beginnings - with projected visuals of the South Bronx.  This time he includes Crazy Legs and Wynot, from Rock Steady Crew, on stage together with Industrial Rhythm.

IiLuminate in Night Vision created by Miral Kotb, was followed by Final Test choreographed and performed by the smooth and classic Cartier Williams. 

Desmond Richardson the Capezio Award recipient from 2011 appeared, follwed by Noah Racey’s New York Song & Dance Company who together with Jeffrey Denman offered a duet called “Educate Your Feet”.

Dance Sport Ballroom - two couples Capezio sponsors:  Travis and Jaimee Tuft in an upbeat quickstep with music from “Burlesque” sung by Christina Aguilera, and Russ and Katusha Wilder in a heated Paso Doble.

Mark Stuart Dance Theater with Mark Stuart and Jaime Verazin performed  Libertango; a spoof on A Chorus Line followed where "Zac" asked dancers from different dance backgrounds to tell him something about his shoes.  David Warren Gibson broke that up telling the audience that Bob Fosse got a Capezio Award in 1987 leading into The Manson Trio with Jennifer Dunne and Dana Moore

Tap innovators, Martin & Facundo, did an out-of-the-box Hip Hop duet called The Lombard’s Way - which they choreographed and danced and created music to.

The Bad Boys of Dance starring Rasta Thomas do the unexpected in their hybrid contemporary dance company, mixing dance athletics and styles. The excerpt was choreographed by Adrienne Canterno from Pretty Girls of Dance

The groundbreaking Momix performed a classic in Millennium Skiva with Steven Marshall and Nicole Loizides
Anthony Giacoio  - President of Capezio Foundation talked a bit about a company being in business for 125 years and that legacy.

Ann Reinking presented the 61st Capezio Award to Tommy Tune

Anthony Morigerato in a song by Phil Collins ‘Take a Look at Me Now”

Spinning into Light with former Cirque performers Anna and Emily Venizelos in collaboration with Susan Voyticky....


Project Gallery: 
Tommy Tune
Break the Floor convention
Break the Floor with Mandy Moore
ABT: Misty Copeland and Jared Mathews
Misty Copeland
The Cobbler Rap: Dax Valdes, Bounce, Marty Beller (drummer)
The Cobbler Rap with Alegria (downstage)
The Ballerina & The Cobbler: Nicole Graniero and Craig Salstein
Mr. Wiggles
Crazy Legs (Rock Steady Crew)
Industrial Rhythm
Cartier Williams
Desmond Richardson (Capezio Award Recipient 2011)
Noah Racey and Jeffrey Denhman
Dance Sport: Russ and Katusha Wilder
Dance Sport: Travis and Jaimee Tuft
Mark Stuart and Jaime Verazin
Manson Trio:  Jennifer Dunne, David Warren Gibson, Dana Moore
The Lombard Twins
Bad Boys of Dance with Rasta Thomas
Bad Boys of Dance with Adrienne Carderno
Bad Boys of Dance
Anna and Emily Venizelos
Anna and Emily Venizelos
Bow (bending)
Ann Marie DeAngelo with Nigel Lythgoe
Ann Marie DeAngelo with Michael Terlizzi
Ann Marie and Michael acknowledge Lisa Egan
Anthony Giacoio
Ann Reinking presents
Tommy Tune receives 61st Annual Capezio Award
Jaime Verazin, Ann Marie DeAngelo, Mark Stuart
Mr. Wiggles, Ann Marie DeAngelo, Crazy Legs, Tara Pederson
Michael Terlizzi and Ann Marie DeAngelo
Ann Marie DeAngelo