Selected Works
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Rosie’s Theater Kids (2016)

"The Cello Song" by The Piano Guys at Alvin Ailey Theater in NYC


American Dance Collage (Ballet Duet 2015)

Ann Marie DeAngelo rehearsing Karen Moscato and Mattia Palozzi at DANY Studios in NYC, for Career Transition for Dancers Gala, City Center, New York City.


Dancers are Fearless (2015)

Ann Marie DeAngelo rehearsing at City Center in New York City for show at City Center, with Mary La Croix and Barry Lohr.


Benois Gala: Last Time I Cry (2013)

Rehearsing in NYC with Francoise Voranger and Viktor Franyo for performance at the the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow.


National Choreography Initiative 10th Anniversary

Excerpt from "Guy in the White Shirt."



Blackberry Winter (2012) 

The creative process with American Repertory Ballet.


The Cobbler Rap (2012)

Pas de trois with Nicole Graniero, Craig Salstein and Daniel Ulbright.


"She Remembers?" (2011)

Performed by Lynn Cohen, Oriada Islami and Adam Hundt at City Center, New York City.


The Promise (2010) 

 A new musical that premiered at the Shanghai Expo, China.



I'm Really Dancing

with Marvin Hamlisch - City Center, New York City


The Process: Discovery & Integration (2010)


La Noche (2009)

in rehearsal with Ballet de Monterrey.


A Tribute to Broadway (2009)

in rehearsal with Ballet de Monterrey.


The Bell Witch (2008, world premiered 2003)

Video #1: The Bell Witch" Snap-shot! (3 min.).


Video #2:DeAngelo narrates "The Bell Witch" story-ballet (2016).



Stay With Me (2007)


Dance Rocks (2007)


Developing "In the Mix" in NYC


Dance Break (2006) in NYC


Paradise Revisited (2005)

Ballet de Monterrey


The Guy in the White Shirt (2004)

The National Choreography Initiative


Walk On (with Mr. Wiggles)

Nevada Ballet Theatre


The Empty Cup (2002)

with Martine Van Hamel


Crisis - Zig Zag Series (2001)


Blackberry Winter (1999) for Ballet Pacifica


Mademoiselle de Maupin (1992) Ballet de Monterrey

with Lorena Feijoo, Jodie Gates, Arial Serrano


PARADISE (excerpts 1991-1992)

Ballet de Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico. Music by Yanni