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DEANGELO PRODUCTIONS is a concept and a company. Its mission is to develop the public’s understanding of dance through workshops and other forums; to educate about and through the vast diversity of dance;  to produce and present multi-disciplinary dance events to the general public; and to develop new projects from emerging and established artists and provide a forum for interaction.  At the heart of the company, Artistic Director Ann Marie DeAngelo, has created an umbrella organization for realizing the creative potential of it's artists.  The company has created and produced full-evening dance productions, festivals of dance, educational teaching programs, dance talks series, and continues to promote and develop dance related projects.  As a development company, what is vital to the dance industry is the opportunity to nurture work, something that is not indigenous to the dance but vital in order to continue to produce quality work.

Producer/Director Ann Marie DeAngelo brings her vision and vast experience as a creative expert in all areas of artistic production.


Ann Marie DeAngelo
Producer / Director

David Warren Gibson
Associate Director

Dax Valdes
Assistant Producer



Ann Marie is available to consult on new independent producing models.  DeAngelo’s expertise is in discovering what your organization needs to deliver the best quality production for the least amount of money.  Her services include creating the artistic concept; selecting and managing talent; a new paradigm in hiring staff; overseeing all aspects of production, marketing, and graphic design; fundraising development, staying in budgets and allocating fees. 

The Virtual Company:  
DeAngelo’s  independent producing model shows you how to deliver a quality project with the minimum of what you need for a creative team, production staff, administratively.

What is your producing model? 
1.  A model that reflects system of operation in non-profit dance companies
2.  A model that reflects a new paradigm for non-profit dance
3.  A model followed by producers of Broadway and off-Broadway shows
4.  A model that dance schools use (and for festivals, competitions etc.)
5.  Other

Is your show an Artistic Creation or Artistic Assembly? 
The importance of that question is that it dictates the best organizational producing model for you to use.  Knowing that determines creative and production timelines - talent and content.  And, determines what materials you can have for marketing to presenters.

How do you best secure talent for pick-up company situations?

This is an important issue to understand in today's economic climate for non-union ventures.

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