Developing In the Mix in NYC

Developing In the Mix in NYC

IN THE MIX (working title) is a story about dancers from multi-genres who are at the top of their fields, and the trajectory of what happens as each journey to find the next thing.  Told through the eyes of one central character.   As the inverse of A Chorus Line, the work explores the nature of transition for dancers - those who carry them on, those who move into other fields, and those who can’t stop dancing - to discover that immortality is "passing it on".

IN THE MIX! is an evening of eclectic, high-energy dance, featuring artists at the top of their game from a variety of fields. It is dance for a new age, juxtaposing styles and crossing boundaries. IN THE MIX! mixes it all up: ballet, jazz, tap, cheerleading, rap, social dance, gymnastics, circus arts, martial arts, and live music. Take art and make it entertaining; take athletics and make it art—that’s the heart of its appeal. IN THE MIX! is a fresh, fun, fast-paced 90-minute celebration of movement that exudes energy and pulses with excitement. And beyond that, it aims to educate, exposing audiences to a world of dance from angles never before imagined.

The first incarnation of this show was created and performed in 2001 - and called “The Variety Show - Jugglin' Styles”.

Slide show contains images from the first incarnation and at the Dance Rocks Gala at New York's City Center, October 2007.

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Project Gallery: 
Mr. Wiggles
Sara Joel
Lorena Feijoo
Anthony Bryant with baton
World Cup New Jersey Cheerleading team
Anthony Bryant (with hoop)
TruEssencia, Anthony, DP One (the DJ) Wiggles
Jenny Sandler and Jason Samuels Smith
Jenny Sandler and Mr. Wiggles with Cheerleaders
Dylan Giagni, drummer
Peter Campbell with bagpipes
Mr Wiggles and Jason Samuels Smith
Sara Joel and Kevin Gibbs
Jason Samuels Smith and Wiggles
Sara Joel, Kevin Gibbs and Anthony Bryant; Mr. Wiggles in back
Mr. Wiggles with ballet girls
World Cup New Jersey Cheerleading team
TruEssencia and cast
Participating artists John Selya and Nicole Graniero
Participant Benji was the So You Think You Can Dance winner in 2006