Produce Yourself


Produce Yourself! is Ann Marie DeAngelo’s empowering and richly layered presentation that seeks to motivate readers to find ways to embody success. The reader will journey through a dancer’s process, learning the physicality of imagination, and illuminate the art of possibility. Dancers have presence and confidence. The difference between success and near-success is confidence.

Produce Yourself! claims that visualizing is not enough to realize goals, and introduces the act of visceralizing, experiencing a desired outcome (as dancers do) through concentration and intense Focus. Included in the book are simple moves and coaching exercises to engage readers in their own process. Stand Up! Be Still. Step Up! Be Connected. Move! Be in Action.

This is not a program but an interactive system of learning, encouraging readers to:

  • Put yourself front and center
  • Embrace yourself, embrace your goals
  • Take a step – take the next step
  • Discover the physicality of Focus
  • Ban an instrument of your own creativity
  • Reach beyond your potential into what is possible
  • Learn success tools, The 9 C’s: Concentration, Clarity, Commitment, Connection, Coordination, Consistency, Courage, Confidence, Completion
  • Get out of your own way and be open to succeed

Ballet dancers allow and do simultaneously, conquering our greatest challenge, the mind. Creators and doers, they oscillate between the unseen and the seen. These instruments of the dance remind us that we too, are instruments for our own creative expression.